#28: Uranium Stocks

Stock Picks Date: 28 October 2016



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  • poh sim choo

    Reply Reply May 19, 2017

    Hi PC, Would you mind sharing your view on UEC? Thanks.

  • pcwong

    Reply Reply May 20, 2017

    UEC is similar like Goldmining Inc.(Brazil Resources) They accumulate resource in the ground. The CEO is also the same CEO for Goldmining Inc.

    However, several of their assets are in multiple process of permitting, concept development and assessment.

    So far they have not any revenue but their balance sheet looks healthy.

    Uranium price remains subdued and it will take some time before it can recover.

    Right now, positive progress towards it project development will add value to the stock. even if uranium price remains suppressed.

    To really benefit from the investment you should have a long term view.

    Here’s their presentation slide which will help you assess:


    • poh sim choo

      Reply Reply May 21, 2017

      Thank you very much PC for detailed explanation and information!
      Appreciate that.

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