Azwin Tumin asked 9 years ago

Hi PC, and all other members, have anyone used this website to get information about stocks? How do you find it? Useful?
They seems to offer a lot of analyses, ‘free’ reports and such. 
Thanks 🙂

pcwong Staff replied 9 years ago

I do read it sometimes but it often repeats what other analysts are saying. Read it with a pinch of salt. I also read Motley Fool but it sometimes lack on specifics. Speaking Alpha has deeper insights compared to the rest. At the end of the day, it is back to the fundamentals so don't be easily swayed by what you read in those websites. Another thing, the US analysts likes companies which are able to leverage to expand their businesses but I prefer companies that know how to control debts so that they are not badly affected during any downturn. Point to note: The US shale oil companies used to be trading at many times their current value because the analysts liked it when they borrowed money to drill more wells. But now many are facing possibility of bankruptcy. So always remember, the survival of the company is the most important thing and that often relates to how good it manages its debts. Regards, pc