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Kuang Seng Er asked 7 years ago

Hi PC,
Good day to you. Previously I have seen in your video mentioned about Vix index, would like to know are we able to invest in Vix index? If can, what is the stock code for it? I could not get it in HLebroking. Thanks.

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pcwong Staff answered 7 years ago

You cannot buy the VIX. But you can buy the VIXY, which is a VIX ETF . You can buy this in hlebroking.
VIXY is higher correlated to the S&P than to the VIX index.
If the S&P falls or crash, then the value of VIXY goes up.  A rise in the VIX index will have lower price influence on VIXY.
Normally, VIX will spike up when the S&P is trending down.
Hope this helps.

Kuang Seng Er replied 7 years ago

I see. Ok thanks PC. Have a nice day.