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Dana Siva asked 5 years ago

As per the training in Module 1, PC Wong mentioned how to use Google Finance to monitor and analyse stock.
However, Google Finance has been upgraded and no longer has a lot of functions.
What tool would be recommended to analyse stock
( To see Fundamentals and Company Overviews, Balance Sheets and Cash Flow Statement, Stock Screening Tool,  Domestic Trends) 

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paul wong answered 5 years ago

Hi Dana,
You can use multiple websites which are free such as Yahoo Finance (, Bloomberg, Reuters and Morningstar. I prefer to use Yahoo Finance. For Hong Kong stocks I prefer to use AAStocks (
For Yahoo Finance you can see the overall stock recent data, in this example BHP:  link
But if you expend it you can select comparisons with another stock and select number of years Here I have Fortescue Metals (FMG) vs BHP over 10 years: link
At the bottom of the chart you can also look at the amount of dividends paid.
Hope the above helps.

paul wong replied 5 years ago

Typo: But if you expand it…

Dana Siva answered 5 years ago

Thanks a lot for the elaboration