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Joey Ting asked 8 years ago

May I know which website you to buy cryptocurrencies?

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pcwong Staff answered 8 years ago

I don’t actually buy and keep cryptocurrencies but trade bitcoin via the “etoro” platform.
However if there is one cryptocurrency that you may like to buy it should be bitcoin. Number of bitcoins to be mined will be halved mid July and this should push the price of bitcoin higher. The last time it happened in 2012, bitcoin skyrocketed.
But if I am not wrong, in order to buy and hold cytocurrencies you need a platform that can store your crytocurrencies. You can try
Ethereum is coming into prominence but a recent hack has caused its price to tumble. 
Litecoin is said to be fixed at 84 million coins which is 4 times more than bitcoin at 21 million. its transaction is said to be much faster. 
So if you are keen bitcoin and litecoin should be the best choice.
Hope this helps.