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adrian chia asked 7 years ago

Good morning PC, does the sector or industry that you invest in play a role in increasing your chances of making money in the industry?

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pcwong Staff answered 7 years ago

Yes. You must know which industry or sector is in the next up-cycle. I look at the global economy and financial situation and growth industries to decide with industry or sector to go. For example, with so many risks and uncertainties on top of geopolitical tensions, safe haven assets are gold and silver. Earlier I did a research on China’s growing old population and India’s exploding middle-class brought to the potential of healthcare stocks in China and a healthcare REIT with focus on India Likewise the industry push towards electric vehicles and self driving vehicles will push up the demand for lithium. Ask yourself what industry you want to invest in and why. If the reason(s) can be substantiated by hard data, then you will be able spot the right industry or sector to invest in.  Hope this helps.