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Jeremy Hiew asked 8 years ago

Dear PC,
I am a newbie in this foreign investment course. I have a few question that need more clarification.

  1. Is there any recommended websites to view the current value of NAVPS for US, SG, or Aussie stocks, besides using Google Finance?
  2. According to Module 2, NAVPS is calculated by Total Equity/Total Common Shares Outstanding. When I use both data (Total Equity & Total Common Shares Outstanding) from Google Finance for calculation, I found out that the result is the book value per share. 

P/S: I refer the calculation result with this website ( It has lot of financial indicators that found in the fundamental chart, and there are different figures for Book Value per Shares & Price to Book Value
Can you clarify the differences between Book Value per Shares & NAVPS (aka Price to Book Value)
Thank you.

1 Answers
pcwong Staff answered 8 years ago

Book value per share and net asset value per share means the same thing. The share price divided by the book value per share or net asset value per share gives you the price to book ratio. sometimes have the net asset value per share listed. Some companies’ financial statements will also have the net asset value per share.

When no such information is available be can only make the most with an estimate that is using the total equity and dividing it with the total shares information found in google finance.

Hope this helps.