Using Google Finance and AAStocks

Date: 1 Aug 2015 Here’s some useful information about Google Finance. US, UK and Singapore stocks are on real time. Hong Kong stocks are delayed 15 minutes while Australia stocks are delayed 20 minutes. Google Finance is ideal to search for competitors within the same industry as discussed in Module 1.  Most of the business…

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Why You Should Never Ever Use Debt To EBITDA When Assessing A Company

Date: 31 Jul 2015 Although many analysts use Debt to EBITDA when assessing a company, I strongly discourage you NOT to use this measurement. Many companies use this measurement when they prepare their Summary Report for the quarter to paint a rosy picture. It DOES NOT. EBITDA is Earnings Before

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Measurements and Ratios

Date: 31 Jul 2015 Hi  , The Module 2 has some very technical ratios and measurements. So I think I give a detailed explanation of each.

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