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21st June 2024

Dear Friend, Valued Customer, Fellow Investor & Future Success Story...

I read PC Wong's book on Invest in Foreign Shares! I emailed him, called him, and met him. Then I interviewed this veteran investor to get as much information as I can. I also verified that he is one of the most patient teacher I've ever met!

Frankly, a book can just do so much. And that's NOT ENOUGH. Investment is a big topic that requires constant guidance and research. The good news - I've convinced PC Wong to pass down his knowledge and experience to you. I'm getting him to teach you DIRECTLY, and REGULARLY.

Now, you can also learn from him in an interactive learning environment, how to make 200% returns in 5 years.

Learn how to invest in international markets successfully

The world is shrinking and the many advantages that are emerging from this are transforming the lives of thousands across the world. One simple way for you to leverage this advantage to your benefit is to utilize this new found access to international markets optimally.

How? By investing in foreign shares. Today, you are no longer limited to the Malaysian marketplace or businesses that are based in Malaysia. You have the incredible opportunity to become a part of the burgeoning growth in any world economy or any global industry niche.

All you have to do is invest foreign shares in an economy or industry that you believe will see incredible growth in the coming years.

Do you hesitate to invest foreign shares because of any of the following reasons?

  • Lack of knowledge about foreign shares
  • Not aware of how to invest in these markets
  • Don’t know how to deal with currency issues
  • Lack of expert advice and guidance
  • Unable to carry out stock selection with expertise
  • Afraid of the risks
  • Afraid to lose your investment capital

These are the problems and uncertainties we address through our Invest Foreign Share online training program. Designed by master trainer PC Wong, the IFS program has everything you need to hone your skills, educate you, give you expert guidance, help you analyze and critically evaluate foreign shares.

Through IFS program, you can address all of these concerns and gain confidence in your abilities to pick the winners as you begin to invest foreign share like a pro!

49% realised profit

Introducing Invest Foreign Share (IFS) online training program, and say goodbye to mediocre return and loss of currency value!

At first, I was unsure of the benefit of this program. But after I've joined for several months, I found that it is really beneficial. It is definitely worth it.

The ability to download the webinar video with the slide allows me to learn at my own pace, replay any part that I don't understand and pause anywhere I like. The trainer PC Wong is very knowledgeable about stocks, market condition and factors that will affect the stocks covered.

I recommend that you sign up to this program now.

Azwin Tumin Azwin Tumin
Pharmacist, Platinum Member of IFS

165.3% profit locked

The Secret of PC Wong's Success

The IFS program is like no other and we are confident that it has all the answers you seek about international investments. Want to know why? Take a look at a few features of the program:

  • Guidance based on our personal experience

    We do not merely pass on book knowledge to you or repeat what the experts have to say. PC Wong has been exposed to this industry for over a decade. Personally, PC’s portfolio has returned more than 200% for the past five years.

    However, during the initial years he faced challenges and losses just like you and learned from those mistakes. These valuable lessons are what we offer to you.

  • Completely Practical Approach

    Success with investing does not come just with dreaming big dreams. It is very important to back up those dreams with practical thinking and a viable strategy to ensure that you have the perfect risk- return ratio. This practical approach is what you will learn about IFS program.

    Apart from the comprehensive knowledge about foreign shares that we share with you, this online coaching also includes highly effective, viable and practical strategies and tips that you can apply in any situation.

  • Learn In a Structured Way

    There are many experts and websites that offer guidance and advice on investing. But how many of them actually address your concerns comprehensively?

    Having authored several books on the subject of investing safely for great returns and co-found many online courses, we know how to present critical information in a simple, enjoyable way so that you can comprehend it quickly and leverage to achieve your goals, starting today.

  • Interactive Learning Environment

    Reading pages and pages of complex explanations and investment strategies can get very boring, very quickly. Result, you do not gain the knowledge you need to succeed as a investor in foreign shares.

    In IFS, you learn effectively through webinars and an interactive members area where you are ask questions and get answered. We offer two live webinars every month covering a key topic of interest to foreign share investors. We guarantee you will have significant takeaways in each webinar to hone your investing skills every single time.

    This interactive learning environment allows you to process the information, clarify your queries and gain a complete, accurate understanding of the subject instantly.

  • Regular coaching to reiterate learning points and update your knowledge

    Investors should keep updating their skills and keep pace with the changing technological advancements that transform the dynamics of the investing world. At IFS, you have access to our regular online coaching that tells you everything you need to know to become and remain a successful investor. We will make sure you are kept in the know about what is happening in the investing world and what new tools and techniques there are to help make investing in foreign shares a better, easier and profitable experience for you.

  • Learn at your pace, in complete privacy

    Take as much as you need and set the pace that suits you most for your investment training. We understand that some aspiring investors may already have some knowledge about foreign markets they wish to invest in while others are complete newcomers.

    Our online training course caters to all types of investors, giving you complete control over how fast you learn and what information you allocate more attention to. Since this entire training takes place online, your investment aspirations are known only to you and you can even educate yourself right at home after work.

    Once you have a good grounding in the basics, you can also start investing in foreign shares from the comfort and privacy of your home, with our assistance and guidance.

128% realised profit

What People Have To Say About PC Wong

I recently bought a copy of your book “Invest in Foreign Shares". It is a very interesting book and had given me a lot of information about investing in shares in a very short time.

Alec Chan

A compelling read, with valuable and practical advice for the retail investor

LH Wong , author of A Comprehensive Approach to Investment Practices

You guys always give good support and responsive support to the question raised through email and forum.

More important I have made profits which covered course fee just within few weeks after entering position recommended by PC. Well done! These are just partial examples I'm sure actual list is longer.

Uranium >15%
Western copper > 30%

Jeff Ong

There is definitely money to be made from investing in foreign shares. Thanks PC Wong for your guidance.

MT Tan

So, What Exactly is IFS?

IFS is an online training program, that shows you step-by-step how to invest in foreign shares and make magnificent return from your investment capital, and hedge against the falling value of Ringgit. The training is conducted entirely online. All training are recorded and put inside members area for streaming and download.

The IFS Curriculum

  • Module 1 - Set a Solid Investment Strategy for Your Long Term Success

    Demystifying the myths about foreign share investment
    Definition of value investment
    Why foreign shares
    Simple steps to take
    How to select the stock market
    What you can consider
    Selecting the industry
    Selecting the company
    How to Use Google Search and Google Finance

  • Module 2 - Apply the M-A-R-K-E-T Principles to Minimize Risks and Maximize Return

    M-A-R-K-E-T Principles
    Measurement and Analysis Nagacorp
    Measurement and Analysis Starhub
    Measurement and Analysis Exterran Partners LP
    Research: Nagacorp – Competitors research
    Research: Nagacorp – Future prospect
    Research: Nagacorp – Analysts recommendations

  • Module 3 - Setting Your KPIs to Execute a Profitable Investment Strategy

    Why are KPIs important
    Setting Your KPIs
    Revenue and Profit growth
    Current Ratio – Capital intensive and non-capital intensive industry
    Debt to Equity – Capital intensive and non-capital intensive industry
    Payback Period
    Dividend Yield
    Tax on Dividend
    Impact of Tax on Dividend
    Share Price/Net Asset Value Per Share
    Building a KPI Metrics and Scorecard
    Executing a Buy – when and why
    Averaging down
    Target Price

  • Module 4 - How to Manage Your Portfolio and Grow it Intelligently

    Global dynamics which can impact your investment:
    – Economic shocks
    – Major economic indicators
    – Central Bank policies
    – Natural or severe environmental disasters
    – Political conflict
    Current global trends
    News which can affect the Share Price positively
    News which can affect the Share Price negatively
    Managing Your Portfolio
    Guide to portfolio management
    The Seven Investment Rules

Module 1-4 is already sufficient to get you started with foreign stock investment. But we added Module 5, 6, 7 and 8 for you about the recent market situation and how to invest in this environment.

Bonus!!! Module 5, 6, 7, 8

  • Module 5 - Investment Strategies According to Current Market Conditions

    Direction of global economy
    Direction of the Ringgit and investment challenges
    Key focus of stock picks based on current trends:
    -high dividend yield
    -dividend + capital appreciation
    -capital appreciation

  • Module 6 - The US$ 1 Quadrillion Reason Why An Epic Crash is Coming and How to Profit From It

    Why deflation is already here and depression could be next
    The US is sitting on a debt and liabilities time bomb
    How to hedge your investment and profit from it

  • Module 7 - Invest in REITs - Building a Global Portfolio of Prime Real Estate

    Characteristics of REITs
    How do REITs gain in price
    Attractiveness of REITs
    REITs distribution income and taxation
    Types of REITs in the market
    Tips in selecting REITs
    Steps in selecting a REIT
    Important KPIs for a REIT
    A REIT reinvestment scheme

  • Module 8 - Basics in Investing in Miners

    Why invest in miners
    Metals and minerals classification
    Miners classification
    A miners’ transition
    The language of miners: resources
    The language of miners: financials
    Stages in selecting miners
    What to look out for in a miner
    What if it is an explorer and not miner

12-month Access to Platinum Membership included

Get full access to regular stock discussions (twice every month) that give you results like these:

PC Wong, master trainer of IFS program

My passion for disseminating accurate, reliable knowledge on how my fellow Malaysians can succeed by investing in foreign shares has led to the creation of Invest Foreign Share (IFS) online training program with KCLau. Take advantage of this program right now and you learn all my secrets that is needed to successfully invest in foreign shares here, without leaving the comfort of your home!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Your purchase is 100% RISK FREE. If you're not happy with
our training program for any reason, simply let our friendly support
team know (via email) and we'll happily refund your money.

Great dividend yield and capital appreciation

In my view, knowing how to invest in foreign stocks is one of the best ways to diversify our investment portfolios. In addition, venturing into foreign stocks can lead to better returns due to the growth potential for some of the international companies. Moreover, there are more commodity related stocks to choose. I do recall the stock markets in year 2018 and year 2019 were very volatile due to trade war and a lot of geo-political uncertainties, however I still manage to get a good return with the help of PC Wong’s macro-economic insights on the equity market and monthly stock pick. PC Wong is a very knowledgeable analyst and prompt on any questions I had and provided the IFS members updates along the way.

Cecilia Tan
IFS Platinum member since Jan 2018

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KCLau, Malaysia No.1 Online Financial Educator

Investment is about staying ahead of the curve through informed, calculated decisions. We train you to do that!
I welcome you aboard!

I managed to make a quite significant amount of profit in a short period from one the stocks of gold junior mining company suggested by PC Wong even with limited funds.

PC Wong has offered a detailed and extensive amount of guidance to stock investment. His in-depth analysis is invaluable for finding undervalued stocks.

Faiz Jaafar
Seinor Engineer, Singapore
  • PC is very responsive and able to provide updated information and guidance. PC will inform us whenever he buys and sells stocks and its price too.

    I would recommend IFS, as we are well guided throughout our investment journey. Most stocks discussed do generate good returns!
    Amy TanBusiness owner